Selling your Surrey home? Take a look at these quick property staging tips.

The estate agent calls to see if your able to have a last minute viewing, how do you ensure the prospective buyer sees your home in the best light?

Here are some tips to make your home viewer ready in a rush…

Make sure you check each room for any bits and pieces that don’t belong there, grab a basket and put anything that’s out of place in it. Any washing up, shoes, clothes or paperwork that are out of place, put the basket away or if you drive, in your car.

Make sure the beds all look clear and the bedding is clean. It’s an idea to keep some bedding or a throw just for viewings, that way your beds will always look their best.

Check the bathroom is clear and swap the towels for fresh ones, they will look and smell great!

Unless it’s a really bright day, have lamps lit upstairs and low lights on downstairs. You can also create the right atmosphere with some soft playing music.

Open the windows to air your home, not too wide if it’s a really cold day. You need to make sure it doesn’t get really cold or too hot for that matter. If it’s either, you may find your prospective buyers rush through the viewing.

You should also make sure the house smells good! empty the bin if it’s quite full, spray the beds with a little perfume, you can also put a few drops of vanilla or lemon juice in a bowl and pop it in the oven.

If you have flowers great, if not you could raid your garden for some greenery.

Lastly, make sure you look presentable. Smartly dressed, clean shoes and you are looking professional – you should reflect your home.

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