Seasonally updating your home

People can sometimes get comfortable and don’t realise as time goes on that their home needs a bit of a change, especially when selling a property. A good way to maintain a pleasant and inviting home as well as the property value is a home makeover.

If you are struggling for design ideas, you could consider matching the theme of your house to the current season.


As the seasons change so do the colours we see and what becomes appealing. For example, as winter ends the intimate dark colours you may have had in your home before, could be changed to more bright colours to represent the renewal and rebirth of spring.

Not only will these new colours help you open your mind to a fresh perspective but, would also help keep your home relevant for potential buyers.

Decorate with plants

Flowers can be one of the easiest ways to brighten up a room and add that extra pop of colour – plants in general can create a modern fresh look with the right care.

You can even get fake ones and create the same look without the effort of having to water and maintain them. This could be good if you’re selling your home as people are going to be viewing, you can use fake plants as temporary placements, rather than worrying about needing to taking care of real ones.

Change the use of fabrics

Each season brings its own level of heat, some more than others. Once you transition from winter to spring the temperature will increase. You may not need the heavy cosy throws, but more lightweight thin ones for those movie nights or daytime chill outs.

This is will show potential buyers that this home can cater to the changes in weather and give them ideas on how they could decorate themselves.  

Change art

Paintings and photos bring life to any room, it can make the walls seem less bare, give the room a pop of colour and even express your personality.

Obviously, switching out all your art can be pretty pricey, but changing the occasional painting can make your room feel fresh and new.

Add baskets to reduce clutter

When selling a house, having all your things everywhere can really put people off. When going into spring or summer, you can use baskets to help reduce your clutter. This not only keeps your room looking clean and tidy, but also keeps that rustic theme and feel that goes with these seasons.

Switch out accessories

Around the wintertime, people tend to get into the festive spirit and buy ornaments and candles to make the home feel cosy. However, once springtime comes these ginger scented candles and red and green decorations aren’t so in trend anymore. You can switch these candles out to ones with a more floral scent or invest in some incense instead.

You can add bright coloured ornaments to fill the house with some light and joy.

Decorate the patio

Not everyone can afford a whole patio renovation but replacing a couple chairs or table can go a long way.  

During the winter the weather isn’t so great, sometimes we neglect to protect the furniture outside. Once the spring and summer come, the furniture can look worn out and tired. Replacing the furniture can bring life back to the area and make it more inviting.

You can also start planting your favourite spring/summer flowers, this will definitely bring more colour to the patio.

Some people never think about changing their home to fit the seasons but even changing the smallest things can make a room come to life, as well as clear your mind.

Plus, buyers will see how versatile and well looked after your house is, giving it more appeal.

We hope these tips help you keep in tune with the seasons.

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