Problems for landlords not using letting agents.

A new survey by Direct Line for Business shows that landlords who do not instruct letting agents to act for them, are making a number of mistakes – including giving a tenant a contract that’s not legally compliant.

58% of the landlords who didn’t use a letting agent amended tenancy agreements from an old contract or other landlords (38%) and 20% used a template they found online.

It seems that landlords employ letting agents when they first rent out property, then use the old contract when renewing a tenancy agreement with the old tenant, or agreeing a direct rental with a new tenant.

You can read the full article here.

The main role of a letting agent is to manage properties for private landlords. Responsibilities range from sourcing tenants and collecting rent, to full responsibility and management.

At Park & Bailey we want to relieve you of the complexities that arise from letting your property, enabling you to enjoy the benefits. This is how we have developed the long lasting relationships we enjoy with our clients and why we are seeing our business continue to grow through recommendation.

As a Landlord you will want to achieve the best rental and minimise any void periods – but do you want to deal with day 2 day problems that will arise?

There are three levels of service we offer, these are Let Only, Rent & Collect and Managed.

If you’re looking for a letting agent in the Surrey and Sussex area, please contact our office for more details and to receive our landlords brochure.