Preparing Your Home for sale in Spring

Spring is the perfect time to start selling your home, people are more enthusiastic and start viewing properties without having to deal with the harsh cold that comes with winter.

Here are some ways to bring spring into your home.

Spring Clean

You should always clean your property before a viewing, but a good old spring clean is an affordable and effective way to getting your home looking its best.

A spring clean consists of decluttering and cleaning every single inch including the places that often get overlooked. Don’t leave out the windows, mirrors, and hard-to-reach corners either.

Fresh Paint

Once your home is clean and all the clutter has been sorted, it’s the perfect time to re-paint. A fresh lick of paint on all the doors and skirting is a good way to liven things up. However, keep the wall paint somewhat neutral, you don’t want to add too much personality as some buyers may not like it. You can add these pops of colour through accessories and plants.

Fresh Spring Scents

You don’t want the home smelling of fresh paint or last night's dinner. Getting scented candles, incense, or air freshener is an easy way to bring the fresh flowery smell that comes from spring indoors.


A lovely and easy way to bring some colour to the home is by buying some flowers. Not only will this brighten up a room, but it’ll also bring in a really nice smell.


Once winter is over the garden will probably need a little TLC. You need to make sure your kerb appeal is top-notch and your garden is tailored and inviting.

Mow the lawn, invest in some potted plants, and spring flowers. Use a power washer to clean the drive and fix any cracks and holes in fences and doors.


During the day natural light is your friend. It makes the space feel more open and welcoming. In the evenings you want to try using more yellowish bulbs. They’re softer on the eyes and give off a cosy atmosphere.

Interior Design

Adding some floral or geometric patterns into the home can be a great addition to your base colour. Using soft spring colours such as greens, blues, yellows, and pinks can make the place look more inviting and exciting.

You can do this through cushions, throws, and rugs.

It’s all about balance and creating an open and fresh atmosphere that can appeal to everyone.

Hopefully, these tips can help you prepare your home for a spring sale.

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