Newlyweds lose £45k deposit for new home in cruel scam.

For Newlyweds Sarah and Ritchie Tough the dream of owning their own home is in tatters.

The couple, who had hoped to buy a home in Hertfordshire, are the latest victims of an online con that has hit homebuyers nationwide.

A computer hacker monitors emails sent by a solicitor and a homebuyer.

The hacker will look for anywhere cash transactions are discussed. Either the solicitors’ emails are hacked or it’s the buyer that’s targeted. The fraudster watches for when a bank transfer might be made — and pounces.

They send the homebuyer an email which appears to be from the solicitor, usually telling them the details of the law firm’s bank account has changed. 

The unsuspecting homebuyer sends their cash to the new account, where it is grabbed by the fraudsters.

In the past year alone there have been scores of instances of the crime.

It is becoming such a problem that the legal watchdog has warned its members to check their computer systems are secure and has suggested to firms that they consider encrypting emails.

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