Moving with small children

Moving is known to be one of the most stressful things a person will do in their lives. This, incidentally, references the average adult and the stresses a house move will entail. For some, it is a leading cause of stress! But, how do the little people in our lives cope? They don’t have the same stresses a typical adult will contend with and they don’t need to organise anything for themselves! However, they do have other stresses to contend – research suggests the top cause of stress in children when moving home is the stress it causes their parents. 

Even before they see their beloved homes being packed into boxes, even very young children will notice that big changes are afoot, and this can often leave them feeling insecure.

There are ways to make a move less stressful and easier for children to process and deal with.

Here are some tips to help children to cope with moving home.

Keep them involved. They’re already involved with the move and they probably have a lot to say about it. So, do you need to involve them more? Young children are curious and have a sense of intrigue for new things. Involving them in as many aspects as possible is not only beneficial to their sense of control and understanding of the move, it can also be an educational thing. First off, bring them with you each time you view a property, this will help them feel like part of the process from the start. Also, let them help you organising boxes by their contents, not only can it be fun for them, but wrapping delicate things is actually a great exercise as they will need to sort different patterns and materials.

Try to remember it’s their home too, so it’s only fair that they should be able to make some decisions. Let them decide how things will look to a certain extent. Give them some small tasks like thinking where to place the kettle in the kitchen will help children feel included and be more positive about the move.

Keep them informed. There will be lots to say about a move, from making sure your children understand that everyone will be moving together, and they will still see friends and other family members, to discussing what items you intend to bring with you during the move. It’s can be common for children to panic that their toys or favourite items will be left behind. You could put a list up and add to it. If your child thinks of something they want to bring, make sure you remind them that everything will be coming – add it to the list and let them see you do it. This should hopefully give them security and make them feel they are involved in the planning process.

You should avoid packing their things first but once you’ve completed the move, unpack their items first. You might want to leave everything of theirs untouched until the last minute but packing up their room slowly is an important part of saying goodbye. At the new house organise their room first. It will be easier for them to let go if they are surrounded by familiarity of things.

These tips should help if you have young children and are moving home. If you need further property advice from us, feel free to get in touch here.