Moving with children? Top tips to a stress free move

Moving can be extremely stressful but even more stressful when children are involved

Relocating is usually difficult for adults to handle but having children around whilst moving house can be much worse. A lot of children can find it stressful! However, if you take the time to explain to your children that moving house is an adventure, your move should be much smoother.

Here are some of the ways you can prepare your children for what’s to come:

Make sure the children are prepared

Moving house may be hard as a child as they might not quite understand what is going on around them, therefore you should always prepare them before the big day! You can do this by letting your children see the new house before you move, so they can familiarise themselves with their new environment.

Let the children help you pack

Depending on the child’s age, you could let them feel more involved by letting them pack. This would help the children feel better with the change that is happening and could even get them more excited and comfortable with moving house.

Pack a special toy bag

To keep the children feeling relaxed during the move you should allocate them with a ‘special bag’ and in this you could have your child’s favourite toy to play with to keep them occupied.

All new exciting things

You should always exaggerate the positives to moving to a new house to your children! A new house means, new opportunities, new friends and new local attractions.

Make it an adventure

Even though the move might make your stress levels rise – There is no excuse to not turn the move into fun with your children. Take a minute to think about all your new surroundings you could even play a few simple games in your new garden, or go look around the local area to ensure that the children are happy in their new home.

Overall, it is important to involve your children as much as you can! Then it will be a happy home.

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