Moving Day one week checklist

It's one week before moving day! We're sure you are very excited about your move, but remember there is still lots to do…

Make sure you tell official companies about your change of address. Inform the DVLA of your new address and don’t forget about banks and HMRC.

Arrange your Council Tax at your new address. It will avoid any larger fees down the line.

If you’re looking to get internet at your new home, you should order a new router at least a week in advance, as delivery can take around seven days. You don’t want to be without internet in your new home, getting it arranged in advance should make for an easy switch.

Get as much of your packing done now. Make sure you have enough packing boxes, you can order these online or your local supermarket my have some. It will help to keep everything organised, make sure you label the boxes as you pack.

It might be an idea to make sure all linen and clothing is clean, you don’t want to move a mound of dirty clothes with you. It will all be ready to be unpacked and hung in wardrobes as soon as you get to your new home.

You should check your home insurance covers your belongings during the moving process, and make sure all insurance policies are ready to go in the new house.

Tell your neighbours that you will be moving, so they know a moving truck will be taking up space on the road.

These tips should help you be more organised for your imminent move! You want to make your move as stress free as possible.

Check back next week for our day before you move blog post!

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