Moving day checklist

You’ve planned, organized, found the moving company, packed, and are ready to get out of your old place and into your new home! To help you with a stress-free move, we’ve posted blogs for each stage of moving, this week is our last one!

Here’s our checklist with everything you need to know for the quickest and most efficient moving day…

No matter what time your scheduled to move, you will need to wake up early on moving day. Even if you have pre-packed everything and are organised, there’s always last-minute things to do. Avoid unnecessary stress, and make sure you give yourself enough time before the movers get to your home.

Strip all the beds and put the linen and pyjamas together ready to be washed in your new home.

Instruct the removal company and give them specific information about any important items. Make sure someone is at the new property as soon as the movers arrive, so they know what goes where.

Once everything is on the moving van, have one more check around. You might have some rubbish to take out, or you might have to clean your place before you leave. Think about hiring a cleaning company or if you are cleaning, enlist some friends to help. Once everything is done, lock up and head to your new home.

Have tea and coffee available, maybe even a light snack. Moving is hard work so you want to keep your energy levels up.

Take reading of the utility metres in your new home, even a picture on your phone to avoid paying extra for bills.

Check that all the keys work for the new house.

Make sure you check the van to make sure it is completely empty. Once the movers leave, unpack the essentials that you need for the evening and next day. Items like your bathroom essentials, kitchen items, sleepwear and an outfit for the next day.

Once all your furniture and boxes have been unloaded, take time to relax. Consider ordering in food or getting some air and going out to eat. And of course, remember to enjoy your new home!

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