Moving day 4 week checklist

Moving home can be a busy time and there is lots to organise. If you don’t prepare, it might all seem like too much. Here at Park & Bailey, we thought we’d put together a list of what you should do at each stage to make sure your countdown to moving is on track.

Here’s what you should be doing 4 weeks prior to moving day…

You should think about getting your post redirected. Royal Mail do charge a fee, but it does mean that any letters that slip through the cracks will be redirected to you, rather than the new owners of your property.

You’re able to transfer your TV License to your new home up to three months before your moving date, so get it done early – it will be once less thing to do.

If you have children moving schools, make sure the old one knows their last day and the new one is ready for their first day.

Check out the doctors and dentists near your new home, you may need to provide documentation when signing up with them – make sure you have this available for an easy switch.

Contact your removal company and finalise details. Make sure they have the correct date of your move. It’s also a good idea to find out how close a van will be able to park to your new home.

You may have parking restrictions outside your house, get in touch with the authority about allowing the removal truck to park on moving day. There shouldn’t be a problem with them lifting restrictions for you, but it may take a few weeks to confirm.

Check what food you have in your cupboards and freezers, you might want to write a meal plan to use up the food that you have in. Not only will you save money on the weekly shop for a while, it will also mean less to transport to the new house.

We hope you find our 4-week checklist useful? If you are planning to move, check back next week for our 2-week checklist.

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