Marketing your property and finding the right tenants

Utilising the expertise of an estate agent to market your property will certainly help find you the right tenant quickly. But how exactly do estate agents like Park & Bailey make sure your property gains the most exposure throughout the market, in addition to finding a suitable and reliable tenant to occupy your property?

Marketing your property

Once a rental price has been agreed for the property, estate agents often begin by taking professional photos of the property in its best light. As these images are essentially the first impressions a prospective tenant will make of the property, we make sure these are showing off your property at its best.

We also then run through the specific details of the property, they are then fleshed out – making sure that any unique features which would increase the chances of finding an occupant are made clear throughout the listing. When discussing with an estate agent, make sure to outline any which may not be immediately obvious to a future tenant. This guarantees that they know all the benefits of living in your property.

Once we have as much information as possible, our team at Park & Bailey utilise a range of channels and networks to effectively market your property to prospective tenants. This ranges from the more traditional shopfront displays in our brick and mortar locations, to the more modern online advertisement through popular websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla and many more. This ensures all bases are covered to find you the perfect tenant quickly and efficiently.

Finding the perfect tenant(s)

You may already have a strong idea of the kind of tenant you’re looking for, but what’s the most effective way to ensure your vision of a perfect tenant comes true? If you have a mental note of who it is you’re looking for, we suggest turning this into a physical one – ensuing your estate agent can implement the kind of criteria you’re after into the marketing strategy.

It’s worth noting that being realistic about who you wish to occupy your property is likely to speed up the process. For example, if your property is large (perhaps three bedrooms or more), it’s more likely to attract a family as opposed to if it has two bedrooms – perhaps more suitable for sharers. Making sure your properties assets matches (or compliments) your tenant criteria is likely to make finding a tenant more streamline.

To help with this, some of the key criteria estate agents may require finding the perfect tenants for your property may include whether:

The property is accessible for those with disabilities

You are happy for pets to reside in the property

The property is suitable/targeted for students

It is a family property, or instead for home sharers

You are happy for tenants to smoke in the property

With a solid idea of what tenant(s) it is you’re looking for, we can effectively implement this into the marketing strategy of the property. For example, whilst we advertise across a range of our marketing channels, students may be more likely to find a place to rent online, so emphasising its presence on our website and social networks is likely to find the right tenant quicker.

Paired with our effective marketing, we can perform checks and obtain references from prospective tenants quickly - ensuring they’re ready to move into the property A.S.A.P.

We hope our tips have given you an idea about the marketing aspect and how we would move forward with selling your property.

If you are thinking of selling, contact us here to get the ball rolling!