Maintenance tips to reduce your home insurance bill

A vast majority of homeowners opt to protect their homes from loss and damages with the help of home insurance. The two most common forms of home insurance fall under ‘buildings ‘and ‘contents’ – with buildings covering the structural integrity of the home, and contents protecting the items and fixtures throughout the property.

Like any other insurance, many shop around in search of the best-priced policy which fits their budget and necessities. However, finding the right one for you and sticking with it for years could be costing you, and whilst shopping around for cheaper prices could lower the cost – some home improvements and maintenance on your part can also help reduce the bill. These tips will help you reduce the cost of your home insurance premiums, in addition to decreasing the chances of raising a potential claim.

Install and test security and smoke alarms

Home security alarms can do an excellent job of protecting your home from intruders, but don’t leave it until your property is compromised by one to find out if it’s still working. Perform regular tests on your alarm (should you have one installed) to check if it’s all in order so that in the case of a break-in, it’s more likely a burglar will be deterred and save you a claim. If you do not currently have one, installing one is likely to reduce your insurance premiums (and more importantly, protect you and your home!).

Installing smoke alarms and performing regular maintenance on smoke alarms can also help reduce your insurance premiums as the likelihood of a fire causing extensive damage to the property is lessened. Safety is paramount here, so a property should ideally have at least one fitted on each floor for good coverage – ensuring that everyone in the house is alerted in the event of a fire.

Check locks, windows and doors

Locks are effective at deterring unwanted guest, and many insurance companies require you to have certain locks (commonly mortice locks) on front and back doors as standard. If you have a policy taken out currently and you do not have mortice locks fitted, you’re likely to save a significant amount on your home insurance in the long run, in addition to saving yourself from a potential claim.

With these installed, look to checking the integrity of the properties windows and the locks they employ. This may not require a complete refit of the windows, but by detecting and potential flaws which intruders could take advantage of and fixing them, you’ll show your insurance provider that you are making your home safer and increase the chances of lowering your premium.

Keep gardens and driveways safe

Garden and driveway areas are often an overlooked part of the property – especially to those not well versed in gardening and/or landscaping. Maintaining these areas in the interest of keeping your home insurance policy at a suitable rate may be something to consider, however.

Making the garden as safe as possible by fixing any structural defects in the paving or grounding which could be a potential hazard (resulting in a claim) will be beneficial in your case to reduce your premiums. Likewise, heightening its security by installing locks on sheds and garages, installing lights and even employing CCTV in the front and back garden will reduce your home insurance bill.

Inspect the properties structure for defects

It may be a good idea to have a look at some common areas of the property which experience wear and tear but are often not inspected frequently or remain out of sight in day-to-day life.

Consider checking over the roof for any missing or cracked tiles, which may affect the property in a way which could result in a claim – or at worst pose a safety hazard. This also applies to brickwork (especially in older houses), guttering and interior walls. By locating defects early and acting on them, your home insurance provider will be impressed by your efforts to secure the property – effectively reducing your insurance bill.

We hope you find our home maintenance tips useful! If you do need any general property advice, do please get in touch with our team.