Is your new Surrey home in the right location?

When buying a new home, the location is extremely important. You may have the money to make your house your dream home, but you can’t move the location. Before you make an offer, you must ensure that you research and check out the area you will potentially be living in.

You may want to consider what your neighbours are like, if the schools are ok for your children, how the crime rates are and what the property prices are like.

Here at Park and Bailey we have come up with what you should do to make sure that you have researched the area before you make an offer!

Check the area’s crime statistics

It’s important to check out how safe the area is before buying your home. This means, checking out what recent crimes have been committed locally, especially if you have young children. You want to make sure they’re going to be safe growing up there.


You may love the area, but have you thought about the school’s yet? Are there many options? Before making the move, it is best to do your research to find out the rating on the schools and check their websites. You may even want to consider, visiting the schools to make sure you find the perfect one before you move there with your family.

Local house prices

It’s worth checking out the property prices in the area you’re looking at. You may be happy with your asking price, but you want to double check that you are paying for what the property is worth.

Traffic noise

You wouldn’t want the area surrounding your house to be too noisy, so remember to look at where the house is positioned. You could consider talking to the local people to see how much noise they can hear if their property backs on to a busy road.

Do your research

You must get a sense of what the area is really like. One way to do this is by knocking on neighbours’ doors, so you can see whether they talk highly about the area. Another way to read about the area is by researching it on Google. This will tell you the positives and negatives about it before you make your final decision on moving there in the future.

Assess the flood risk

It’s worth checking the area you’re thinking of moving to isn’t at risk of flooding, you should be able to check with your estate agent. You could even look up the area online to find out whether they have had previous flood problems.

If you’re looking for more advice about the area get in touch with us today,  or visit our website for more information on finding your perfect Surrey property