Is your garden summer ready?

As you can see the weather has started to heat up, so it’s worth taking the time to get your garden ready for the BBQ’s, pools and partying! You want to make sure your garden looks fab for the time of year when it becomes an extension to your indoor living.

Take a look at these summer garden jobs that are worth doing.

During the winter you might use your shed as storage for all the garden items, this can result in a mess that needs sorting. You should empty the shed fully, sort things into keep and not keep, get rid of the not keep pile, be ruthless about what you do want to keep, you need space in your shed! Clean the empty shed and then put the keep pile neatly back in.

You can now start on the actual garden! The lawn is a major factor on how good your garden will look, so you should make sure it’s in tip top condition! You may need to re-sow any patches, give the lawn a good rake to allow water to get to the soil. Remove any weeds by pulling them out individually, this should stop them getting established. Don’t cut the lawn too short, no less than 1cm – if you cut it too short it won’t look healthy.  

Even though you have removed the weeds, keeping them at bay can seem like an endless task. If you are buying plants, check them before adding them to your garden. You want your garden looking it’s best in the summer months, right from the paths and walkways to boarders and the lawn. If you do have trouble removing the weeds, you might want to get a weed control product to help.

If you have garden furniture outside you will want to make sure it’s all cleaned and ready for the summer fun. Also, if the BBQ has been stuck in the shed for the duration of winter, you will need to give it a good clean too. You want everything to be garden ready so your friends and family can enjoy your many garden parties.

Lastly, after a harsh winter your fence may need some TLC. You might want to think about painting your fence with a treatment to give it the protection it needs.

If you’ve followed out tips you should be able to enjoy summer in your garden – whatever you like doing.

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