Is September a good time to sell your Surrey property?

Selling your home can be tricky business, particularly if you don’t know the housing market well! Putting your property up for sale during certain months in the year can have a massive impact on your home’s sale.

It is vital that each property is priced realistically and accurately. This does not mean selling a property at an undervalued price, it simply means that if you wish to sell your house then it must be done correctly. 

Here at Park and Bailey, we can offer you a free market appraisal. An accurate, confidential and no obligation market appraisal of your homes worth is the essential first step in selling and letting your property.  Achieving the sale and seeing it through to the point of contract exchange is another matter altogether and therefore it is key to have a trusted agency like us to help you! Our staff are passionate about the property market and have a real depth in knowledge and understanding of the local areas and can also help advise people on schools, shops, transport links and leisure activities.

With our experience and team, the valuation figure that you receive is based from our own experience and knowledge from our highly trained staff. The last thing that you would want is your property sat stagnating on the market for months with little interest!

As with many different markets, seasonal change influences the selling of your property. Spring is now an appropriate time to sell your house, as this is the time when many people choose to purchase with a view to getting their children into new schools by September. If you wish to capture these spring home moves, you should be looking to put your house on the market by the end of February, ready for you to have an active period in May and June. A spring sale means that you have longer days to fill up your home with as many viewings as possible, with more natural light.

Autumn is another idea season to sell your property in! Putting your house on the market in September means you will appeal to buyers hoping to move in before the Christmas period. However, beware as the Autumn selling window is short and the best prospect for selling your home would be in the months of September and October.

Despite these factors, it ultimately comes down to you when you’re selling your home! If you are motivated and prepared to market your house correctly then selling your property becomes a much easier task.

If you are looking for more information or advice then please call our friendly team or visit our website.