Interior design tips to get that showroom finish

How do you turn the blank canvas of a home into a stylish and functional place that people want to buy?

It is a given that style is subjective, but there are still a few ways that you can broadly appeal to potential buyers and ensure that your house gets plenty of attention. 

Does your room flow?

Feng Shui is the ancient pseudoscience created by the Chinese, that creates balance and harmony within your home. Does it have any scientific basis? Not really. Does a room with good flow change how you feel? Absolutely. 

Use splashes and accents of colour that lead your eye and your feet through one room to another. Having furniture in the correct places matters too. 

Your space needs to show that it is functional, and allows for free movement from space to space. This all sounds a bit silly, but nobody is going to buy a house when they have to squeeze past a sofa to get to another room, then step over a box to the kitchen. If you don't have open-plan architecture, the way you lay your furniture can make it feel open plan. 

So get creative, and get moving things about until it feels right. 

Spare bedroom?

If you have a room that is mostly unused, consider turning it into a practical space that uses it to its full potential. 

Think about the type of property you own and utilise the space to appeal to your buying audience. 

Blend the old and the new 

This one might allow you to be a little lazy and ‘intentionally’ save some time. Whilst you're renovating, do you see that plain red brick wall? Leave it. That is now your funky new feature wall and it looks great. 

If you do have a feature in your home, make sure you showcase it. You want your home to stand out when people are viewing it, and what better way than having a unique feature.  

Don't overdo it

Those pictures on the wall are beautiful, but do you think that’s just one too many? Perhaps it is looking a tad overcrowded. That rug is lovely, but does it fit this room? We all have varying tastes, but ensuring a place doesn’t look too over the top is sometimes quite difficult. 

Accessorising your home is very important but overcrowding a space can make it feel small. 

You want people viewing your home to picture themselves living there, so don’t have too much clutter lying around. 

We hope you enjoyed our showroom finish tips! 

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