How to sell your property before Christmas

Most sellers will set themselves a goal of when they want their property to be sold by! This is probably even more so at this time of year, especially if you are looking to have sold before Christmas, or at least had a firm offer on your home.

Below we list some tips to help speed things up.

The Estate Agent and Solicitor

You need to choose the right agent to sell your home!! Ask yourself: does your agent know the local area well, where will they advertise your property, and do you have faith in them.

Also, check they are selling similar properties to yours, if not, they might not be the right choice.

When picking your solicitor, be upfront and ask if they are able to get your property sale completed by Christmas.

Ensure they understand this is what you need and get it all in writing!

Asking Price

There is usually a little competition between estate agents. It’s not uncommon for some agents to give you a higher valuation just to win your business.

You don’t want to set an unrealistic asking price as this could put off potential buyers. Make sure you get plenty of valuations, and research the local market yourself prior setting the asking price.

Prep for Property Viewings

You need to make sure your home is looking its best! Give the bathroom and kitchen a through clean, you want them to sparkle when someone is viewing.

Have a good clear out of clutter and de-personalise. You want potential buyers to see your home as spacious and somewhere they see themselves living.

Photo Ready!

You want the photographs of your home to showcase it.

A buyer will look at a thumbnail property image for around 3 seconds, so you don’t have long to get their attention – you want to entice them to take a closer look.

Photographs are very important. Make sure your home is spotless, de-cluttered and add some fresh flowers on photo day.


Have all the relevant paperwork ready early.

Things like; the details of your current mortgage, your title deeds and any certificates for work done at your property – keep anything you think you’ll need at hand.

Stick to Deadlines

Set a deadline, and make sure everyone knows you want to complete by Christmas.

If you want a quick move, make sure everyone is speedy straight away and that they maintain it! It’s you who wants it to happen more than anyone, so push all the involved parties— keep on their case.

Also, stay in touch with everyone throughout the process.

Remember, the quicker everything is put in motion the less chance there is for anyone to change their minds and back out.

Lastly, dedicate your time and effort to keep things moving.

We hope our tips will help if you are looking to sell in time for Christmas.

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