How to scope out a new neighbourhood before buying

The location of your new home is just as important as the property itself. You need to make sure the neighbour is right for you and your future plans. Here are a few tips on how you can find out whether the area is right for you.

Online Research

The internet is so valuable, it can provide such a broad range of information even about your new neighbourhood. By typing the neighbourhood name into the search engine, you can see various images, what amenities, schools, and transport links are around. You can even use Google maps to plan out how you would get to work or how your children would get to school. You can look at some message boards as well about the local community.

Grab a Copy of the Local Paper

If you are having trouble finding out information online, chances are the town would have their own newspaper. You can go to the local shop and pick one up. This will help you get a more personal view on the town. It will inform you about the big things happening in the community and what local businesses/services are up to.

Talk to the Neighbours

You do not need to go up to doors and start knocking, but going to the local park, café, grocery store etc. you can ask people/workers what the neighbourhood is like. You will get more first-hand and honest views that way.

Research Local Businesses and Attractions

Having certain businesses nearby can be good and bad, for example having a pub nearby could be good for adults who like to go out, but maybe not if you have children. A dog owner may want to know if there is a dog park nearby. You can find out if the yearly funfair comes to your local park, this could be great for kids. Taking a look at the events coming into the area is also a good idea, you need to know how busy your area can get and whether there is anything interesting for you to take part in.

Find Out the Crime Reports

You need to know if the area is safe, especially if you have children or are planning to. You can find certain apps to help you investigate specific areas. Crime can occur anywhere but knowing how frequently it happens in your area is a good idea.

Visit the Area at Different Times

An area is always different on the weekend compared to the weekday. Visiting at both times will give you an idea on how busy the area gets, what the traffic is like, how loud the neighbours can get on the weekends etc.

We hope by using these tips, you will be able to find lots of information about your new neighbourhood.

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