How to reduce viewings when selling a house

It can take on average 15 viewings to sell a property. With so many properties on the market it can be tough to make yours stand out to the right buyer.

Here are some tips to reduce the number of viewings when selling your property.

Think Like the Buyer

Buyers want the house to look like the pictures online. You need to make sure you maintain that image. Making the small effort of cleaning and getting rid of clutter before viewings can make it quicker to sell your property. Before people view it, do a quick walk around as if you were buying the property and make sure it appeals to you just as it would to them.


Make sure the pricing of your home is realistic. Look at homes that are similar to yours on the market and see how your price matches. Also, location is important you need to make sure your price matches the area you live in as well.

Make Sure the Key Features Stand Out

Potential buyers want to see everything including the unique features that standout. You need to make sure that these features are high-lighted, and buyers are attracted to these straight away. This will help sell faster too.

How P&B Can Help

Even though the average number of viewings can always vary, we will help you find a buyer and get a sale agreed as quickly as possible. To find out more about how we can help sell your home, get in touch with us here.