How to Prepare Your Property for Photos or Videos to Be Taken

People are now being encouraged to view homes online and virtually, making it even more important for sellers to make a good first impression of their home through photography and videos.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for perfect pictures and virtual tours.  

The Basics

Make sure your home is neat and tidy. Make it look how you would if it were a physical viewing. It needs to be well lit, clean, and uncluttered. Using these tips can make your home appear larger and more open, and entice potential buyers.


Leave the doors open when doing a virtual viewing. Buyers want to see how the space flows from one room to another – this is a good way of making things feel more natural too.  

Change the Focus

This is a virtual tour; you need to make sure you’re making the recording with the eyes of the viewer in mind and think about what they would like to see. Make sure any personal possessions such as photos, pet accessories, and extreme ornaments are put away. You want the viewer to focus on the property, not your lifestyle and preferences. You are controlling what the viewer sees, so make the most of it.

Think Like A Buyer

Consider what the best parts of your property are and what would be important to them. A lot of buyers picture themselves living there, so think about how they would live, for example, if a family is viewing it, make sure you show the things that make it a family home e.g. if there’s a playroom, the garden, and children bedrooms showcase these elements. Make sure everything is tidy, storage is very important for families and you want to show how that won’t be an issue.

Changed Priorities Due to Covid-19

Working from has become the norm and buyers are seeking office space or a spare room to convert into an office. Bigger kitchens and gardens are also sought after as more time is being spent at home and depending on government guidelines you are allowed to meet certain people outside, so garden space is an advantage.

Get Ready for The Actual Viewing

The aim of these virtual tours and images is that people will want to come and view the home in person. This is to narrow down the potential buyers to more serious candidates. This is why it’s important to show off your property to its best degree as well as ensure the safety of the buyer by following government guidelines.

We hope these tips will help you to showcase your home.

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