How to prepare your home for the rainy weather

Sadly, the British summertime is coming to an end! Now, we have to start thinking about the Autumn and Winter seasons.

A small amount of rain doesn’t need to cause you to worry, as it is a valuable source to keep your garden in bloom! However, a lot of rain can be cause for concern…

Here at Park and Bailey we have come up with some simple steps you can undertake to make sure your house is in perfect condition, before the stormy weather starts!

Protecting the outside of your home should be the first step when preparing for the autumn weather! You should look at your gutters and the condition of your roof.

When you look at your roof, the most important part to see if there are any loose or missing tiles and if there are any cracks in the chimney. Don’t use ladders during the time of the bad weather conditions as this may cause injury if you were to slip and fall. You must hire a professional roofing contractor instead, to patch up any gaps you find in the roof.

You should check the guttering outside your home, to ensure it isn’t broken or leaking. You should also remove any leaves to make sure the gutter is clear to stop the blockages. To reduce the risk of blockages, there are preventative steps that you can take! Tight-fitting wire mesh or plastic caps are available to fit most types of downpipe. These allow the water through but they can trap leaves and dirt. You may also want to consider, cutting back any overhanging trees as the autumn fall of leaves will most likely cause blockages and guttering problems this time of year.

Garden furniture is often subject to heavy downfalls which can cause damage over time. Look to apply a waterproofing treatment to your wooden outside furniture. This protection, will help the wood to stay looking beautiful for next summer!

These should help prepare your home for the rainy weather!

if you are looking to sell your property keeping it well maintained should ensure you get the best possible price. If you do want to know what your property is worth then contact us to get a free market appraisal.

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