How to prepare your home for a Winter sale

Christmas Day is approaching and having your house sale tied up before the festive period can ease a lot of the stress in what is a busy time. If your house is up for sale over the Winter months then it can be hard to attract buyers to brave the cold and stay for a serious viewing. Here are some simple fixes that can really make a difference when you sell your Surrey home.

Dealing with any necessary repairs not only makes the house more appealing to buyers, it adds value to your home. Making sure everything is fixed and repaired before the cold weather takes it toll can stop problems from affecting your property. Start with some outside repairs and prioritise windows, guttering and doors before moving inside.

Don’t forget your garden! Surrey homes often look untouchable in the Summer but when the frost starts it can be easy to neglect them. Ensure that you keep them neat and tidy as buyers will still want to see the garden and a rusty lawnmower among some overgrown shrubbery isn’t the way to take their breath away.

Going a step further and giving your property a winter makeover can be the difference when selling in Surrey. Painting rooms with warm colours like red can make the house seem more cosy and inviting for viewers. Even decorating with soft furniture or extra cushions can make buyers picture themselves in your home.

Clearing your path is another easy way to make viewing your property as stress-free as possible.

Finally, some warm food such as soup can be an easy way to sweeten the deal.

If you are in the process of selling your Surrey home, feel free to contact a member of our team.

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