How to pick the perfect housewarming gift

If you’re planning to visit a friend in their new home, you may want to have a housewarming gift in hand. Whether it’s something unique, a traditional gift, or something personalised to them, a gift will surely put a smile on any new homeowners face. 

If you helped with their moving day or are related, you should have an idea of what they need in their new home. 

However, if you’re stuck for what to buy, here’s a few perfect gift ideas.

Gift Card 
Organizing a new home can be a daunting task. A gift card will enable your friends to escape the mess. Maybe one for a local restaurant? Not only will it mean they don’t have to cook in the chaos, they will also be able to check out their new local area.

Scented Candles
Pick a scent and colour that will add a soothing atmosphere to a new home. You can’t beat dimming the lights, soft lighting from candles, and enjoying a chilled evening after a stressful move.

Fresh Plant or Flowers
Any home, even one that’s not been fully moved into looks great with flowers. If you want a gift that last longer, you might consider a house plant. Try to pick one that will be easy to look after and that matches the interior.

A Welcome Mat
A new home can always use a new mat at the door. Why not have one personalized with a monogram or surname. Their new house will quickly become a home when a new mat is at the door.

A Gift Basket
A gift basket is extremely useful for a new homeowner. A homemade gift basket full of snacks or one with some nice relaxing bath products can remind someone they need a break from the chaos. Make sure you try to customize the gift basket for the recipients.

If you get invited to a housewarming party, you should try to pick a gift the host will appreciate, love and remember. It may take a little forethought to pick the right one, but it will be worth it. A move to a new home is a huge life event, and a housewarming gift is a great way to congratulate someone you care about.  

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