How to make your rental feel more like a home

When renting a property there can be some confusion around how you can add your own stamp to the property and what you are allowed to change.

Here are a few tips on things you can do.

Bright Lights

Lighting can really change a rooms atmosphere. Simply by adding a nice lamp or fairy lights can really change the mood without costing money or damaging anything. You can easily remove these as well, so they won’t cause any problems with your landlord.


Mirrors are a good way to create the illusion of space and brightness in your property. They’re easy to find and not expensive to buy. If your landlord doesn’t want you to make new holes in the walls, you can always try leaning it against the wall for a more laidback look.

Rearranging Things

It may not sound like much, but it really can make a massive difference. You can open up more space by moving the sofa somewhere else or switching around units. Even switching the functions of the room, so changing the living room into your bedroom and vice versa can change the atmosphere in your rental.

Soft Furnishings

You may not be allowed to change the furniture, but you can still style things without causing damage e.g. using sofa and cushion covers, getting a nice throw for the sofa and buying a rug. These little elements and bring loads of colour and personality to any room.


Plants can be an amazing and refreshing way of giving a space life. Not only can you buy flowers with bold colours, but you can buy plants to add a modern and sophisticated style to your room. Depending on the look you’re going for, plants can really help bring that something extra to a space.

With these tips your rental will be looking new and fresh in no time.

If you are a landlord or tenant looking for advice, please get in touch here.