How to keep the kids entertained during the Easter holiday.

Trying to keep the kids occupied during the Easter school holiday can be a daunting time for parents, especially as certain day trips are not always within all our budgets.

We thought we would offer some tips to help you achieve a stress free, fun holiday for you and your family!

It is always a good idea to have a look at any free events that may be happening locally, check the council and tourist information websites for listings of local events.

Visit your local library, you may find that they hold free events, such as story time or arts and craft days. Visiting the library anyway is a great activity and will keep the kids busy.

You should also check the local swimming pool, sometimes they offer a reduced swimming rate in the holidays and they also offer some great indoor activities. You could also look at any free museums or galleries that are holding events for kids.

As you can’t always guarantee the weather, making plans for some days in will be a good idea. You could have a movie day, get the popcorn out and put your feet up. Or if you want the kids to be a bit more energetic, you could get some old clothes out and do some dressing up, or maybe get the kids to put on a show using some props.

You could also do your own arts and crafts day, get the kids to make some Easter cards or design something fun.

You could think about doing some cooking with the kids, maybe make an Easter cake or get them to help you prepare dinner. It might be worth keeping these activities for any rainy days, keep an eye on the local weather forecast and plan your day accordingly.

Sunny days are great for outdoor activities, there are lots of great things to do. You could plan an Easter hunt or a treasure hunt in the garden, with clues and treats for the kids. You could also hold your own mini sports day, maybe invite some of your children’s friends over too. You might think about champing out in the garden if you have a tent and some sleeping bags.

If you get a windy day, you might consider buying a kite and heading off to the park, you can fly the kite then let the kids have a run around.

Don’t try to fill every minute of every day, encourage your kids to be independent and let them play in their rooms or the garden.

If you do want to have a few paid days out, here is a guide to family days in the local area.

We hope this article has given you some good ideas and we hope you and your family enjoy the Easter break