How to incorporate mindfulness and well-being into your home

Juggling work, family and social commitments can be hectic at times, so much so that the UK is finding more ways to better it’s mindfulness and wellbeing. This means creating a living space that not only meet’s physical needs but also benefits a healthy mind too.

With it being #WellBeingWednesday we thought we would put together our top tips on creating a peaceful home!

Check out our tips…

Mood lighting

Nothing sets the mood like lighting. If you make sure your home has access to many light sources, there won’t be a feeling you can’t induce. We advise using large windows and French doors to bring in the natural light. Candles and lamps also create a soft, warm tone for when you’re ready to come home and relax.

Personal accessories

You are bound to feel more relaxed in an environment that feels like you’ve made it your own. So be sure to display personal accessories that mean something to you, such as gifts and souvenirs. Other effective accessory options are those that add to the mood and help you shut off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Go with accessories that will easily switch up the feeling of the room, such as scented candles for a pick-me up at the end of a long day.

Tempting textures

When using neutral tones, it’s easy for a space to appear big and empty. So why not fill up the space with plush sofas, blankets and fluffy rugs. The best thing about these extra touches is that they’re cheap and easy to introduce. Not only will you set the ideal cosy tone, but your space will appear warmer. This will make it the perfect place to disconnect and focus on re-energising with maximum comfort.

Natural elements

Nature is very powerful on the mind so consider bringing the outside in! It offers the serenity we’re all after at the end of the tough week.

Our tips will help to make your home a happy and healthy place to live and enjoy on your own or with your family.

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