How to help burglar proof you home.

Having your home broken into is devastating and can leave even the strongest of people feeling venerable.

Making sure your front door, back door and patio doors are all burglar proof is a must.

Here are some tips to ensure your exterior doors are more secure.

Upgrading your locks is usually quite straightforward, if you have a wooden front door. Some locks are more secure than others, but make sure they are British Standard locks.

You need two locks, a dead-latch cylinder lock and a five-lever mortice lock. If you are unsure what locks you need, your home insurer should be able to confirm what their minimum standard is. If you are in doubt, get a local locksmith or carpenter to do the job. It may be more expensive, but making sure locks are fitted correctly is essential. Also think about fitting a chain, it’s a simple and inexpensive way to add some additional security. You might also consider adding a peephole.

If you have glazed or semi-glazed doors, you might consider fitting a decorative metal grille to the inside or adding security film to the glass. If you are changing the glass or buying a glazed door, buying laminated glass will ensure it holds together if it’s shattered.

All locks on wooden back doors should be a British Standards five-lever mortice sash lock. It may be an idea to have a secondary lock or security bolts fitted to the door for added security. You should always ask a professional for advice if you have UPVC doors, never try to alter or make them more secure.  

Sliding patio doors should have a minimum of three locks, as well as an anti-lifting device to stop them being lifted up and removed. Bi-fold doors should already come with built-in security – check with the retailer of manufacturer if you are unsure.

Adding a security light with a motion sensor at the front of your home is also a good way to add additional security. 

Remember, if in doubt give a professional in the Surrey and Sussex area a shout!