How to get your offer accepted on your dream home

The current market shows that the annual rate of growth for UK house prices have slowed from a high of 9.3% in June to 6.9% in October, this represents that now is the best time to buy a house!

When it comes to making an offer on your perfect property, don’t hold back! It’s not as scary as you think. It’s not always about how much you can offer or how quickly you can move, there are many other factors which sellers look for…

Check out our top tips on how to get your offer accepted quickly...

• Selling a house can be an emotional process but as a buyer, connecting with the seller and making a good impression can influence their decision to accept your offer. When attending a viewing be friendly, positive, admire the property and show how interested you are!

• To buy your new home, you must also sell yourself as a buyer by being organised and getting your finances in order.

• To maximise your chances of being excepted for the mortgage plan, you want to get your credit score in as early as possible.

• By preparing and agreeing your mortgage from the outset of the buying process, you can demonstrate to the seller and the estate agent that you are serious about buying your dream home.

• We recommend not to apply for too many mortgage deals, as it will affect your credit history and cause lenders to be wary of you.

By following our tips, you should have a higher chance of your offer being accepted first time round!

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