How to get your garden looking great. It’s not just the inside that counts when selling.

If you are looking to sell your property, don’t just concentrate on the inside, make sure your garden looks tidy too. First impressions count when someone is viewing a house, if they are put off the moment they arrive, it may be hard to get them to like anything about your home.

Here are a few tips to help you tidy an unruly garden.

Give your patio a good sweep, clear any leaves and weeds from it making sure you clear them from all the hard to reach places too. Finally give it a good clean with soapy water, if it is heavily stained, you might consider buying or hiring a jet wash.

If you have any sad looking plants make sure replace them. Try to pick something that adds to the garden, with nice bright flowers or a fragrant plant. You should also give any shrubs or overgrown climbers and really good cut – don’t worry they will soon grow back. 

Now to get the lawn in order, clear any leaves or twigs off and get the mower out, cut the grass and finish off the edges. If your lawn is looking patchy or threadbare, give it some TLC. Purchase some grass seed, follow the instructions and you should have a nice, healthy lawn.

Finally, wipe over any garden furniture. If you have wood furniture that is looking a little old, you might think about applying a coat of teak oil.

Remember, curb appeal goes along way!

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