How to decide whether to sell or stay put.

Deciding on whether to move can be a big decision, there are lots of things you must consider and weigh up. Typically, if you are considering a move it’s often the result of something prompting you. Whether it’s outside pressures such as changing jobs, family circumstances, money, retirement or sometimes it can simply be for a change of scenery. Whilst moving to a new location can be daunting, it can also be quite exciting!

To help you make this life changing decision, we’ve summed up some factors you should think about during your decision-making process.


Does your current property give you the space you need? If it does then appreciate it, use it wisely and think about what you could potentially have to risk if you do move. However, if you have outgrown your current home, then moving could be the answer. If space is an issue but you really don’t want to move, you could consider other options. You could try getting rid of any unnecessary room accessories, or think about adding a loft conversion or extension.


Money can be a game changer when it comes to deciding whether to move or not. Think about what your budget is and do your homework, you want to end up with a home to suit your needs and that sits within your price range. Think about the additional costs that are involved when you move and make sure you account for these. Moving to another location could be saving you money in the long run. For instance, you could be moving closer to your job, so you will reduce transport costs, or moving closer to family, who will help with childcare. It all depends on your current and predicted future financial situation.


For some, family and friends are a key part of everyday life, so this can have a large impact on the decision process. If you live close to them, moving to a house further away will mean you’ll need to travel further to visit. However, if you plan to move closer to them this could be more beneficial.


Does your job require you to move? Deciding between the home you love and your career can be a hard decision, but if it’s a job you see a long future in, it could be the right decision. Just make sure your salary covers your moving and living costs to make it worthwhile.

In any move, keeping your job in mind is important. You need to think about getting to work every day, how long it will take and how you will get there if you move, whether its car, bus or train? Will it incur more costs than at present?


Is your home in an area you like? Do you value things such as being near to a town, a good school, family and friends? When searching for a property these are thing you should look for. Think of the things you currently have, or would like and see whether they are a motivation to more, or are you content with the area you already live in? If there’s an area you’ve always dreamt of living in, hunt for properties in that area and see whether it’s possible for you.

There are endless questions you can ask yourself but limit them to what you think matters most. There’s no harm in taking a look, visit our website to see what’s currently on the market, you might find the house of your dreams!