How to be a successful Surrey landlord in five steps

Having tenants that are respectful to their landlord are the kind that are more likely to pay on time and to stay in the house for a while. Being a good landlord is more than just being a friendly face, it also means being there if a job needs repairing in your tenant’s home.

Here at Park and Bailey, we have identified the following five steps that you need to check you are doing to ensure you are the perfect landlord…


As a landlord, it is your legal responsibility to make sure that your property meets all the safety standards. These include, gas, electricals, drainage and more.  House alarm systems must also be up to date and checked regularly before the tenants move in. Maintaining the residence as a safe location and being responsive to the issues your tenants are facing, is a step in the right direction to becoming a trusted landlord.

Be reachable

You must stay in touch with your tenants! Being at the end of the phone is so important. This doesn’t mean you must see them all the time, but making sure your tenants have your phone number or email address, shows that you are serious about being their point of call.

Don’t be a cheap fixer

Before the tenants move in, it is best to check that everything in the house is working. To save money in the future it is best to get the expensive jobs done first, like a toilet, oven or lights. If you don’t fix these this could cost you more if they were to break in the future.

Warn about raising costs

If you find yourself having to increase the rent, it is vital to pre-warn your tenants.  You should never take more from their accounts or tell them on the month the increase begins.  If you were to not tell your tenants this could cause them to suddenly leave, which would leave you with the cost and stress of arranging new viewings, credit checks and tenancy agreements.


It is important to give your tenants space. You must always give 24 hours’ notice before entering your property for a review. By giving tenants space, this allows them to get used to the property and gives them privacy.  Tenants are more likely to stay in the house if they feel like they aren’t being watched by the landlord.

These are a few things to keep in mind as a landlord!

With over twenty years’ experience, a team dedicated to lettings and an unrivalled local reputation, we are well placed to offer advice and assistance whether you are a seasoned Surrey landlord or just starting out.

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