How To Be A Good Landlord to Your Tenant

A landlord with a good reputation will automatically attract the best tenants. We have all heard the horror stories of tenants living in poor accommodations with damp issues and broken heating that get evicted for asking their landlord to get these issues fixed.

It doesn't take long for word of a bad landlord to get around, so bad landlords will find it increasingly more difficult to find a suitable tenant or to be accepted onto the books of local letting agencies.

The only way to ensure that you get the best tenant for your property is to become a good landlord and follow best practices when letting out your property.

Let's look at some top advice and tips to follow to ensure you always remain a good landlord.

Don't struggle by yourself

It can be surprisingly hard work to be a landlord and manage your letting by yourself, especially if you are new to this and don't know what is expected of you as a responsible landlord.

There is no need to do all the hard work by yourself. This is why letting agents are for! It can be very reassuring to have the support of a professional, experienced letting agent who knows the local rental market inside-out.

Letting agents also work with well-established teams of local service providers that they know and trust will deliver a good job. So, if your rental property suddenly has an emergency like a burst pipe, a blocked toilet, or an unexplained flood, your letting agent will know the best local plumber to call to get it fixed.

Finding the right tenants for your property

It would be best if you found the right tenants for your property because you want to let to people who will respect and take care of your property.

Vetting potential tenants, checking references, handling deposits, and creating a tenancy agreement are all very time-consuming yet essential tasks if you are going to get the right tenants for your property.

It can be a nightmare for a landlord to struggle to find the perfect tenant, so again, this is where the services of a letting agent can be invaluable. People looking to rent homes automatically go to local letting agents as the first port of call in their search for a perfect new home.

You can take advantage of this by registering with a letting agent that will usually already have a list of people on their list that are looking to rent. You may find that your perfect tenant is already waiting to discover your property!

Managing your rental property

Letting agents are already well trained in every aspect of the long-term management of rental properties. A letting agent's services can include everything from finding the perfect tenant to drawing up a contract, arranging security checks, setting up rent collection, and ensuring that your rental property is up to current health, safety, and fire security codes.

They can also handle all the yearly inspections and tests needed, such as a gas boiler and appliance check, smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm tests, electric PAT testing, and more.

Yes, your letting agent will charge you a small monthly fee for their services, but it is worth paying this because it will give your great peace of mind to know that the safety and security of your rental property are in good hands.

Your tenants will also feel secure knowing that there will always be someone available at the end of the phone should there be an emergency or a problem with the property that needs fixing. A good letting agent really cares about both the tenant and the landlord and is the key to ensuring that the relationship between the landlord and tenant is harmonious.

At Park & Bailey we offer three levels of service, these are Let Only, Rent & Collect, and Managed.

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