How much value does an extra bathroom add?

Having more than one bathroom is an automatic bonus to your home’s value, especially if the home is for an entire family – an extra bathroom will definitely appeal to buyers more.

The Costs and Benefits

The cost can vary greatly depending on the area you live in and where the bathroom is placed.

If the house is placed in a cheaper priced area, then an extra bathroom will add more value but less than if it were in a highly priced area. Although the estimated average of an extra bathroom is about £4,500! This is still a substantial amount of money that would make adding an extra bathroom worth it.

If you convert a small bedroom space into an en-suite, it could add a huge amount of value. 70% of estate agents have surveyed that an extra bathroom would help sell a house.

How Many Bathrooms Per Bedroom?

If you could have a one to one ratio that would be amazing but let’s be realistic, your home is not a hotel. However, lots of estate agents agree that if a property has 4 or more bedrooms there should be at least 2 bathrooms, or it could be harder to sell.

Buyers have never been put off with too many bathrooms, but it can be a bit questionable if there are more bathrooms than people living there.

Also, buyers would prefer an updated bathroom, if your bathroom is tired looking, they might be put off.

Are En-suite Bathrooms Essential?

Years ago an en-suite bathroom was considered a luxury, something only a few got to enjoy. However now, at least at the top end of the market and en-suite is demanded by buyers, as this is considered an intrinsic part of their personal space.

Bathroom or Shower Room?

A lot of people would opt for a shower room, this is because most people live a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to take a bathroom so consider it a waste of space. Space is especially crucial within flats and smaller properties.

However, if the property has more than four bedrooms having both types would be ideal. Also, if there are kids, having a bathroom is essential.

A Touch of Luxury

A bathroom isn’t only a functional space, it’s also a place for relaxation and pampering.  A clean, stylish bathroom can add a significant amount of value to your property. If you’re thinking of selling you need to pay attention to the condition and look of your bathroom.

If you can afford to add an extra bathroom then it’s highly suggested that you do if you wish to increase the value of your property – there is no downside to adding a bathroom.

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