We all know of at least one person who has had a DIY nightmare, so why do we insist on doing it?

We know when you buy a new home, you want to put a personal stamp on it. You might make some small changes here and there, or you might choose a more drastic approach and remodel the entire living room or kitchen.

Even if you’ve not moved into a new home, you may want to spruce the place up and give your home a new lease of life.

New research has found that people spent over £22bn collectively on DIY projects in their homes over the last year.

Four out of five adults carried out at least one DIY project last year, from minor projects such as, repainting floorboards or putting up a self to a major renovation like a loft conversion. Those who carried out a project last year say they spent £1,085 each.

It was also revealed that two in three adults plan to do some form of DIY this year.

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