How a Spring clean can help you bag a sale

It’s Spring already and with this time of year comes the annual Spring clean and in good time, as this is the most popular time to sell a property.

The annual clean can seem overwhelming so the experts at Park & Bailey have come up with a prioritised list to help homeowners this March.

Recent surveys have indicated that the interior rooms, walls and ceilings are the most important areas of the house. Making sure the house is de-cluttered, filling in holes in the walls or even simple tasks as repainting can make the difference to prospective buyers.

Once you have the inside up to scratch, it’s time to do the same to the exterior. Making sure that the roof has no leaks and the walls aren’t cracked give the perfect first impression of your property.

The front door and porch, if you have one, is another powerful first impression of the house which can help sway viewers into a decision. Avoiding clutter such as old shoes in the porch and refreshing the paint on the front door are the next jobs on the list when it comes to your house’s Spring rejuvenation.

Try not to forget about your windows and even your window sills – although it may seem a small feature – they were the fourth most important feature when selling a house. Make sure your windows are of high quality and that they have no cracks along with no peeling paint on your sills.

Finally, it’s time to restore your garden back to its glories of last year. The garden can lay untouched for months over the Winter months so fixing any loose fencing, removing any clutter and giving it a general clean and refresh can make all the difference.

If you are thinking about selling your property, now is the best time of year to do so, for expert advice call 01883 342205.

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