Home improvements that add value

Want to make your home a moneymaker? Certain improvements can add to the value of your home but, before you decide to start a project – you should know what return you are likely to get.

How do you know if you are spending on the right project? Below are some of the top home improvements that should get you the best return.

Additional bathroom

Adding another bathroom can increase your home’s value by around 5 per cent. En-suits are in demand, as people want the ease of a bathroom close by. The cost of this project can vary, so make sure you have a budget and don’t go mad when it comes to tiles and fixtures. Go for affordability and try to think what buyers would want as this will increase your chances of selling.

Additional bedroom

Adding a bedroom, especially if you can convert your loft is a great way to increase the value of your home. The cost of a loft conversion varies and what you will spend depends on many factors. Adding a double bedroom can increase the value of your home by around 10 per cent. If you are planning to add a bedroom, budget according to the size of your home and the market value and you should see a good increase in your home’s worth.

Open plan

Open plan is still very desirable! House hunters are looking for a useable space, and an open plan dining room and kitchen tick that box. Simple and practical spaces can attract a premium and adding a new kitchen can add around 6 per cent to the value of your home.


Adding more space to your home is a sure-fire way to add value. A single-storey extension (which usually doesn’t require planning permission) or a double extension can cost, but you should see an increase in your home’s value of around 11 per cent.


A well-built conservatory will add value! Make sure it is aesthetically pleasing and that it provides light into your home. A cheap uPVC conservatory can put buyers off, especially if it is dark and cheaply built. Make sure high-quality materials are used if you plan to go down this route.

Remember gardens also add value to a home, so don’t build too big and lose all your outdoor space. Keep in mind a conservatory should be a link between your indoor and outdoor space.

If you are looking to improve your home prior to putting it on the market, our team will be happy to offer tips on how to get the best price for your home.

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