Home improvements that add value to your home when selling


When it comes to selling your home, you will want to make it as attractive to your prospective new buyers as possible. While you may have already made a few improvements to your home over the years, there are plenty of other things you can do to help boost its appeal without it costing the earth!

Here we take a look at some very cost-effective tips and suggestions that may make all the difference to whether or not you get a 'yes' or 'no' from your next set of visitors looking around your house.

1: Spruce up your home 

Sometimes it can be the little things that make all the difference. Redecorating your home can be as inexpensive as buying a few tins of paint and some rollers to freshen up your faded paintwork. Freshly painted walls create a great first impression to prospective buyers on entering your house. It gives the impression that you have taken good care of your home and that is a positive point in your favour!

Fix any niggling little DIY jobs that you have been putting off. While you may have gotten used to these quite insignificant things, a potential buyer will spot these things and will add them to a mental list of things that will need fixing should they decide to buy.

Go around your home and make a list of what is in need or fixing or touching up. Look out for these things that will need rectifying:

  • Broken lightbulbs and loose or broken towel rails
  • Dirty or mouldy sealant around your bath and sinks
  • Dirty walls and finger-marks around light switches and door frames
  • Dripping taps
  • Limescale built up on taps and in your toilet
  • Peeling paint
  • Poorly fitted or loose flooring
  • Squeaky floors, door hinges or stairs

2: Give your home kerb appeal

We all know that first impressions count, so your home could be a palace, but the front of your home will be the first thing that potential buyers will see. If you have a tatty front door, dirty windows and an untidy front garden full of dead plants, this will give a bad first impression of your home.

Trim back hedges remove dead plants and rake up leaves and debris that has blown into your front garden. Paint any external woodwork and clean your windows. Power wash your driveway and repair or replace any broken edging stones or slabs that are on display.

Add some hanging baskets or fresh planting and generally try to make the front of your home look smarter than your neighbours!

3: Give your kitchen some TLC

Kitchens are often called the heart of the home, and for good reason too! The state of your kitchen may be the deciding factor for your buyers. Kitchens are one of the first things new buyers look to replace if they cannot stand the thought of living with your kitchen.

While it may not make much economical sense to replace your whole kitchen, many sellers do renovate their kitchens because doing so can add a lot of extra value to the property and encourage people to buy. Many buyers are happy to pay more money when they don't need the extra hassle of fitting a new kitchen.

If you cannot afford to go all out and replace your kitchen, you can spruce it up greatly by doing things such as giving the cupboards and appliances a deep clean, redecorating the walls, and changing the door handles for something more modern and stylish.

De-cluttering your kitchen and packing away the equipment that you don't use daily can make your cupboards look roomier.

By making these simple, yet very practical changes to your home you will have a more appealing home that will attract more buyers.

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