Getting your full deposit back at the end of your tenancy.

When returning the keys to your landlord at the end of a tenancy, you’ll want to ensure you get the full deposit back.

This shouldn’t be a problem, if you take good care of the property during your tenancy and pay your rent on time. If you haven’t taken care of the property and it isn’t in the same stare as when you moved in (minus ‘fair’ wear and tear), you might end up losing some of your deposit.

Here are some of the reasons a landlord may withhold part or all of your deposit, as well as ways to prevent this from happening.

In a recent survey of UK landlords, only 29% had withheld a deposit from a past tenant.

Of the landlords surveyed 49% had done so due to the state of the garden, which was the most common answer. 15% was due to fixtures and fitting, 13% was due to the standard of cleanliness and finally 12% said they withheld the deposit due to rent arrears.

Covering these areas, here’s some tips on how you can protect your deposit.

Keeping the garden tidy.

It is important to know who’s responsibly it is to maintain the garden, it is usually down to the tenant. By keeping up with the gardening tasks throughout your tenancy, you should avoid problems with your deposit being withheld.

If the landlord or agent is paying you a visit, make sure you have trimmed any hedges, cut the grass and that it is generally tidy. Check your tenancy agreement to see what is expected from you in relation to the garden and outside areas.

Damage to fixtures.

If you do cause damage to anything inside the property, it’s best to tell your landlord or agent immediately, even if it’s minor damage. It might be a difficult conversation to have, but hopefully once you explain the exact nature of the damage, you should be able to come to agreement with your landlord or agent, as well as maintain a good relationship.

Keeping the property clean.

When you’re due to leave the property, you should make sure it is at the same level of cleanliness, this should be listed in your inventory – this is subject to ‘fair’ wear and tear. If you have a marked carpet, you should ideally steam clean it. Also make sure the windows are clean, all the lights are in working order and that the oven is spotless. Take your inventory round when cleaning to ensure you’ve not missed anything.

Late payment or rent arrears.

If you are having issues paying your rent, you need to speak to your landlord or agent, keep them informed and updated so you maintain your relationship and that you rectify it as quickly as you can.

You can get advice from Money Advice Service regarding rent arrears.

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