Get a ‘wow’ bedroom that will help sell your Surrey home.

We have all heard how great looking kitchens and bathrooms sell your home, but don’t forget about the bedroom! Bedrooms are the room in the house where people want to feel relaxed and experience comfort, luxury and a sense of calm. These are the qualities that your potential buyers will also be looking for when they take a look around your home. It’s worth ensuring that those qualities are there if you want to get your home sold quickly.

It isn’t just the simplicity and uncluttered look, touches of luxury in a bedroom, such as a new carpet will also be an attraction for the people that are interested in buying your property.

Here we provide top tips which help give your bedroom the ‘wow’ factor…

Consider fitted wardrobes

Old fashioned fitted wardrobes are often the first thing to be removed when re-doing your bedroom. Consider buying new contemporary designed ones not only can they store lots of pieces of clothes and are attractive to look at. They’re also good for hiding clothes and other items whilst you’re in the selling process. This is something to consider when the viewings are taking place, as it provides buyers with a clean space to visualise themselves living there.

Big beds aren’t always a good addition

Of course, bigger beds are more comfortable to sleep in, but they can often make a room look much smaller than it is. Lack of space in the bedroom, may decrease the overall value of your home to some buyers. If you’re able to downsize your bed to a smaller one, just a few weeks before the viewings, you will be amazed at the difference this makes to the size of the room.

Period features in your property?

If you own a Victorian property, you will more than likely have period features. Like an iron fireplace or ornate plaster detailing. It might be tempting to remove or build over these features, to give your room a more modern look. However, these period features can add character and value to a bedroom, which also increases the overall appeal to buyers.

Neutral colours sell

A bedroom should be a place to rest and unwind after the day. You should avoid using bright or loud wallpaper when you’re trying to sell your home. Brighter colours might be to your personal taste, but it will work to your advantage to keep the décor as neutral as possible. A bedroom is the most personal space in anyone’s house! So, by watering down the colour scheme, you’ll create a blank canvas for buyers to imagine their own personal style.

Carpets over hard flooring

It’s worth having carpet put into your bedroom, if you haven’t already. It’s nice to have your first steps in the morning onto a soft carpet. At the end of a long day, it’s also comforting to return to your bedroom with a soft feel under your feet.

Home staging

Think about all the ways you can spruce up your bedroom prior to selling your property. Home staging your room to look clean and stylish, will present your bedroom in its best possible light. Throw soft shaded fabrics across the end of your bed, or any chairs in the room. Also, make sure the lighting isn’t too bright, this can give a cold feel to a bedroom. A well-presented room will go down well with people viewing your home.  

By making some simple updates to your bedroom, you can help to increase the overall value of your home and make sure that your property really stands out among the crowd.

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