Four Top Tips for Selling Your House This Autumn

Autumn is an excellent time of year to sell your house because plenty of potential new buyers are looking for a new home to buy and be settled into before Christmas.

The idea of celebrating the first Christmas in a fresh new home is very motivating, especially for growing families looking for a bit of extra elbow room to accommodate a large tree and all the new presents and children's toys that the family will gain.

With this in mind, let's take a look at four top tips to help sell your house during autumn. 

1: Tidy up your outdoor space

Remember that it's not just your house you are selling but also your garden and outdoor space. As the cooler months approach, there will be grass to cut, leaves to sweep up, moss growth to remove, flower borders, planters and pots to tidy up, and hedges to trim.

You could even jet wash your driveway or parking space and your patio or decking to make them look clean, bright, and presentable.

2: Create warm mood lighting 

It is sad that as we head into autumn and winter, daylight comes at a premium, and light levels can remain low on cloudy days. With more house viewings being held during twilight or after dark, you must light your home well with warm, inviting lighting.

Try not to use stark bright lights inside. Instead, use warm, mellow lights from well-placed lamps that can help to make your rooms look snug and comfortable. The proper lighting can really set the scene for a cosy family Christmas. 

3: Keep your home smelling fresh

As people retreat indoors in colder weather, there will be lingering cooking smells, pet odours, and even smelly sport socks sitting in the laundry basket that can put potential buyers off. Cleaning your carpets is a great way to freshen up your home as they tend to absorb and hold odours for a long time.

Keep your house well ventilated by regularly opening windows. Using a dehumidifier can help keep moisture levels down that lead to condensation build-up on windows and musty smells in unused bedrooms.

4: Decorate with autumnal colours

Autumn is a time of year for being cosy and warm, so you should reflect this in your interior décor. You don't need to paint and decorate your whole home.

Instead, add a few autumnal touches with deep red, brown, and green scatter cushions, a warm blanket throw over your bed and sofa, and some dried flower displays around your rooms.

Remember to keep your heating on a warm and comfortable setting – not too hot! Most potential buyers viewing your home may want to keep their coats on, so you don't want to roast them alive while they look around your house!

We hope these simple tips will assist with your autumn sale. 

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