Five ways to get potential buyers and renters excited about your property

Are you looking to get your property ready for the market? Or is your property instead sitting on the market and not getting the interest it deserves? Finding a buyer or getting tenants into a property is often not something that can be done easily, especially without some work on the seller’s end to ensure it makes house viewers excited and eager to make an offer.

When it comes to property viewings, making sure your property stands out to future buyers or tenants is critical for receiving offers, and ultimately making a sale. To make the most out of property viewings, you want to be wowing the viewers at every possible moment. In this blog, we share our top tips for getting buyers and renters excited about your property, with the hope of making a sale faster.

First Impressions Count...

When a prospective buyer or tenant arrives at the property, think to yourself: ‘what is the first thing they’re going to see’. This will vary from property to property of course. One may have a long driveway leading to the house, whereas another may be situated in a block of flats. In any instance, make sure the first thing that they see sets the tone for the rest of the property. An eye-catching ornament in the properties front garden is far more likely to excite a prospective buyer if it is maintained to a high standard, as opposed to being covered in a layer of moss.

With your ‘first impression’ fixtures scrubbed up and/or decorated to a high standard, you will have the viewing off to an excellent start, already wowing the viewer before they have stepped foot inside the property.

Make Space by Decluttering!

Opening the front door to a cluttered household is unlikely to impress a prospective buyer or tenant. If anything, it is likely to do the opposite – instead overwhelming and possibly driving the house viewer(s) away from the property.

We are not suggesting that you clear out all non-essential items from your house in its entirety, but instead seek a balance between making your property look homely whilst remaining spacious. Cluttered shelves, tables or items in hallways may have the adverse effect of making the property appear untidy and less spacious. Granted, there’s likely to be people living in the property at the time of the viewing but, making sure viewers can envision themselves living there with their own possessions on fixtures is sure to excite them.

Kitchens & Bathrooms are Important

Two of the most influential rooms for a property buyer or renter are kitchens and bathrooms. This is due to these spaces being compromised mostly of fixed items – making any significant changes to their fixtures often difficult and costly.

It’s important, then, to make these areas stand out to the best you can and showcase their fixtures in the best light possible. The first (and perhaps most obvious step) would be to maintain the cleanliness of each area. Who doesn’t love stepping into a squeaky-clean kitchen or bathroom? You may also want to repaint or replace any fixtures dependant on your budget. Taking action in both the property’s bathrooms and kitchen is a sure-fire way to increase your chances of getting the viewer more on-board with your property!

Spruce up the Garden

Gardens are often overlooked when it comes to marketing a property. It may perhaps be understandable (in the UK, at least) as this is often a seasonal space – with the inside of the property instead being where residents spend most of their time.

However, making the garden stand out by setting aside a few hours on a sunny weekend afternoon certainly will impress viewer’s over a garden which has been neglected over the years, and one that potential buyers may have to fork out the cash to revive. There’s no need to go overboard on the gardening here – a simple well-maintained garden open for potential buyers/renters to use as a blank canvas is perfect. With the garden often being one of the final areas of the property to be viewed, a beautiful garden can be the cherry on top of any house viewing.

Make those Minor Repairs you’ve been Putting Off

When showing someone around your property, you must remember that they are looking at (or more specifically, inspecting) with fresh eyes. They are far more likely to notice minor faults as they browse your home, as opposed to the minor issues you have gotten used to over the years from living there.

We recommend perhaps inviting a friend over for a mock-viewing and allow them to point out any minor issues they may find of concern if they were a prospective buyer/tenant. Honest feedback here is key and is likely to increase your chances of selling. These minor repairs will ultimately contribute to the whole picture of your property – maintaining the excitement levels of prospective buyers and/or renters and enticing them to make an offer.

We hope these tips will excite anyone looking at your property! If you do need further property advice, do please get in touch with us here