Five reasons to use an estate agent to sell your home

Selling a home independently would prove extremely challenging for some – so it comes as no surprise that a vast majority of homeowners choose to use an estate agent to make what can be an overwhelming process far more manageable and streamline.

Estate agents hold a vast range of skills and expert knowledge in order to facilitate throughout the selling process, and although their services are paid – they can be worth their weight in gold when their duties are undertaken properly and with care. At Park & Bailey, we are passionate that selling with the expertise of an estate agent is the right choice for any homeowner looking to sell, so here are five reasons we think you should use one!

Estate agents know the local property market inside-out

What’s unique about estate agents is their expert knowledge of the property market within the area they’re situated in. To put this into context, an estate agent is unlikely to possess the knowledge to advise on the United Kingdom housing market nationwide. They instead are extremely well versed in the area specific to them – making them experts in their field. This also brings to light issues with estate agents primarily based online, who often do not know the local nuances of an area-specific property market.

An estate agent’s expert knowledge means that they can advise you of the housing market in your local area with confidence – ensuring your property has the best chances of selling in a competitive environment. Unless you (as an independent seller) would be willing to put in the hours (or in some cases, the years!) to research the local property climate – it’s best to call in the experts.

You’ll stay in the loop

With about 10% of properties listed on the market as chain-free (i.e. not being reliant on the sale of another house) – odds are you’ll likely find yourself in a property chain when looking to sell. Should you wish to sell independently, it may be difficult to stay up to date on the activity of the chain without the help of an estate agent, who is likely to be experienced in managing, negotiating and communicating across property chains.

Selling with an estate agent means that you’ll be kept in the loop whilst taking a large workload off your back as they manage property chains (amongst other procedures) with the help of their expert knowledge. They act as a point of reference throughout the process who will keep you in the know whilst you are able to continue going about daily life as usual.

They’ll strive for the best possible selling price

With estate agents often taking a small percentage of the final selling price of the house once the contracts are exchanged, they are incentivised to sell the property for as much as possible. This will get you the most out your property as a result, despite paying a fee for their expertise – leaving it to the experts to secure the best deal for your home.

Their network will increase your chances of selling

An experienced estate agent will have an extensive network of potential buyers who have listed their specific property interests, and are likely willing to view houses which fit their criteria A.S.A.P. Estate agents will hold large databases with these potential buyers, so it’s important to take advantage of these when selling.

Selling independently would make it very difficult to reach such a specific demographic – one which has shown a keen interest in your property and its unique features. This also improves your properties marketing capacity when working with an estate agent, as the audience your home will reach will be far wider as a result of their network.

They are more than happy to facilitate property viewings

Often included in the final selling fee (i.e. incurring no surcharge); estate agents will show prospective buyers around your property and market it to the best of their ability. A house viewing is a brief, yet critical moment in the selling process which can make or break a deal between you and a potential buyer, especially when the person conducting the viewing lacks experience.

As a result, house viewings are often a daunting task for someone selling their home and something which they may not wish to undertake by themselves as non-professionals. Instead, allowing an experienced estate agent to take charge with their expert knowledge of selling techniques, the market and interpersonal skills not only takes the weight off your shoulders, but ultimately increases your chances of selling your home for the best price.

Here at Park & Bailey we aim to eliminate the stress and make the experience of selling as easy as possible. So, if you are looking to sell your home, please do get int touch with us here!