Easy landscaping to help sell your home

The first and last thing people look at when viewing your home is the landscape. It can leave a lasting impression on viewers, so to make sure it is on top form, here are some easy tips to help.

Keep it Clean

If you have a lawn make sure it’s tidy and mow the grass to about 2inches long. Any shorter and it can cause brown spots and patchiness. Make sure all leaves are raked and any branches and debris are cleared away. If these things aren’t removed on a regular basis it can cause the lawn to not grow in places.

Use a pressure washer to clean dirty paving or mossy patio stones. Nothing turns off potential buyers more than a dirty walkway or lawn.

Trim and shape

If you have bushes, plants or trees make sure they’re trimmed neatly and not overgrown or unhealthy – make sure everything looks fresh and well put together.

Remove any weeds that have grown, this can stop your lawn looking unkempt but also maintain a healthy garden.

Paint and repair

Your garden or porch doesn’t only have to contain plants, you could have other things like, fencing, a shed, gazebo or decking. These things also need to be maintained and kept clean. You can repaint and repair any damages caused by harsh weather or ageing. This can take years off your decking and improve your landscaping appearance.

Add Colour/Lighting

If you have a big landscape or even just want to give it some creative flare, you can add lighting. Fairy lights are great to create a romantic, playful setting, or you can get solar powered lamps that you can put on the edge of pathways or just dotted around next to plants and bushes.

If there are empty spaces or everything is looking too green, you can plant brighter flowers or get shrubs. This can be costly, if you’re only filling in gaps in your flowerbed then it shouldn’t be too bad. Plus is an easy way to change the look your landscape.

This can give everything more life and atmosphere without being too much.

If you follow these easy tips, you’ll definitely leave a good impression on potential buyers by creating a refreshing sight.

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