Easy DIY jobs you can do

You don’t always need to hire a professional to get jobs done around the house, with the right tools and instructions you can do them yourselves for less money. Making sure any small DIY jobs are completed will not only be satisfying, it can also help you get a better price for your home if you are planning to sell.

Here are a few ideas on things you can do.


Giving a room a fresh coat of paint can really brighten it up and bring it back to life. This is good especially if you’re looking to sell your home. You want people to think it’s been well taken care of and that the new buyer doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Repainting can be quite easy and cheap to do on your own. To buy paint for an average sized room can cost on average about £40 and paint brushes for about £15. You can get that expert polished finish without paying for a professional.

Dealing with Doors / Floors

As the weather changes doors tend to expand, especially with humidity. That’s why occasional maintenance checks need to be done. It’s not a major issue but when your door can’t close or squeaks it can be quite a nuisance.

Check that hinges don’t need replacing or screws need to be tightened.

Doors aren’t the only things that squeak, you can get squeaky floorboards. Usually this is due to loose floorboards rubbing together, there are some temporary fixes i.e. using powders, but you might want to tighten any screws for a better solution.

Resealing Bathroom Appliances

Over time the sealant around bathroom appliances can go mouldy or start to wear down. You can easily scrape away the old sealant and place a fresh one instead. Not only will this make your bathroom look nicer and clean, it will also stop any leakage.

Leaking Taps

When taps drip it’s usually due to the rubber washer needing replacing. This can be pretty cheap especially if you already have the tools you need. The less a new buyer needs to do the more appealing your property will look. Also, the noise of a constant drip can be a little irritating.

Building a Shed

Having a shed in your garden can be handy for keeping all your gardening tools and appliances out of sight. You can purchase flap pack sheds that come with easy instructions. Keep in mind, it’s not a one-man job, so getting a family member to help can be useful. If you have the right tools it can be fairly cheap to do and make a big impact to the look of your garden.

Doing these small jobs can save you money and help make your property more attractive, especially if you are looking to sell – the less a buyer needs to do the better.

If you are looking to sell and need advice, please do feel free to get in touch here.