Design tips to get your home ready for summer

As the seasons change your house should too! Summer isn’t all about your garden, make sure your house reflects the feel of the season with our tips and tricks.

The brighter the better

There is nothing worse than being sat in a dark room in summer. By painting the walls, a brighter colour this will automatically make the room feel bigger and make it lighter. Having a neutral background means you can simply add to the look, by accessorising with plump pillows in light summer colours, like baby blue or green. 

Bringing the outside in

A popular trend now, is to bring nature inside to add texture and shape with cactuses, palm leaves or flowers. For a stylish but low maintenance look, buy faux plants and flowers as they last a lot longer!

Refresh the paintwork

No matter how clean you keep it, paint colour can fade over time. Give your walls a summer lift and make your room feel fresh again. Pick nice summer colours, you might want to get a few small tester paint pots to see what colour you like best. It’s a great way to make sure you will be happy with the finished result.

Sparkle with metallic

Metallic and glass accessories are a favourite summer feature as they reflect the sunlight, so sit back and watch them glisten! Add some metallic mirrors, wind chimes or vase’s. These can give your house a bit of summer shimmer.

By giving your home a seasonal makeover, not only will it keep your interior up to date and looking fresh, but it will also give your home the wow factor if you are planning to sell it.

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