Deposit friendly decorating tips for renters.

Renting a property does have its perks, you don’t need to worry about maintenance costs, building insurance or paying for a broken boiler. However, trying to put your own stamp on a rental property can be tricky and you will probably need to work within the boundaries of your landlord.

Here are some ways to make a property you’re renting look more like home and give you that personal feeling and the best part is, your deposit will be safe.

A very simple way to make a space feel more personal is to add some throws, pillows or a rug that reflects your style. All these things can be taking with you if you move.

Adding a bookcase or unit shelving to a room is a great way to not only put your stamp on the place but also gives you space to put personal items like photos or picture frames out, without having to put holes in the walls.

You may find that fixtures and fitting in a rental property will be basic, don’t worry you can upgrade these quite easily, especially in your kitchen and bathroom. Changing your kitchen cupboard handles or your bathroom hardware will make a big difference. Just remember to pack the originals away and change them back before you move out.

You might want to think about changing the window coverings – picking curtains or voiles yourself should definitely give you that personalised feeling in any room.

There is a trick that most renters don’t think of – lighting! Lighting really does set the tone of a room, so be creative here. Buy some floor and table lights that can easily be removed, they will have a big impact on how the room looks and feels.

If you get a professional job done and ask, the landlord might be happy for you to paint or put wallpaper up. You never know, they could even help with the cost. 

Lastly, accessories, accessories and accessories!

Just remember to pack the originals of anything you change away and put them back before you move out.

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