Damp signs to look out for when buying or selling a house

Damp can cause major problems in your house whether you are buying or selling. From mould on the walls and furniture, to rotting wooden window frames. All you need to know are the signs and how can you get rid of it, quickly!

Here at Park and Bailey we have come up with a few tips to help stop and lessen the risk of damp in your property…


One way to find damp, is by checking and looking out for the water droplets, which can begin to build up on a window or a windowsill. Black mould may also begin to grow on the walls, surfaces and carpets.

Penetrating and rising damp

You need to be aware of all the different types of damp that can appear in your home! Penetrating damp is seen by watermarks that may appear on the masonry. A presence of damp, is a musty smell and patchy black mould appearing internally on walls. Another, is seeing damaged timber, this would be due to the wood being saturated by the damp.

Rising damp could be another problem, a sign of this is plaster bubbling and peeling away from the interior walls. Horizontal brown or discoloured marks can be seen up to one meter in height on interior walls, which is otherwise known as “Tide Marks”. Wooden beading and skirting boards will become brittle and eventually show the signs of deterioration.

Dry and wet rot

With dry rot, the wood will tend to be quite brittle and warped, the grain of the wood will have cracking features if the damp had got into it. Without physically seeing the outbreak, signs are the presence of a damp, musty and fungal smell.

Wet rot can also cause the cracking in the wood. You will be able to smell damp, it is often described as a musty smell and can also cause the air to feel damp too. You should keep an eye out and try to notice any springy feeling, when you’re walking across your floor boards as this may indicate a breakdown of the structure of the wood.

Making sure your home doesn’t have damp will certainly increase the appeal of buying or selling it. By following our tips, you will be able to spot damp in your property!

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