Cost-free ways to cut energy bills on your Surrey property

The cost of energy bills might vary but it doesn’t have to always be so expensive! You don’t need to buy brand-new appliances or expensive home improvements to start decreasing the price.

Check out our top tips on ways to cut the cost of your energy bills, pound by pound…

Cover floors and plug gaps

Lack of insulation will only maintain cold temperatures, leading to a surge in heating bills. If you don’t have fitted carpets, consider using thick rugs on wooden floors to lock in the warmth. You could also draught-proof your home with old towels under the doors and some tape on the windows or boards.

Switch off the lights

The most obvious way to cut your electricity bill is to simply switch off the lights when you leave the room. Recent studies have shown that you could save £15 a year with this one small action.


Turning down your thermostat by just a single degree can help save up to £90 on your annual energy bill! We’re sure that you will hardly notice the difference and it’s all money back in your wallet.

Time your shower

Do you know how long your spending in the shower? Many of us let the shower run for a minute or two before we get in. Cutting down your shower and running time by just one minute will easily cut £10 off your yearly energy bill. You can even save a further £20 by swapping one bath a week with a shower.

Standby mode

When your household appliances aren’t in use, most automatically revert to standby but this secretly drains energy! You can turn most electrical appliances off directly at the mains, which can save up to £30 a year in the process.

Turn off the taps

Washing the dishes can be costly if you leave the hot water running. Make sure you get in the habit of filling up the sink with hot water instead. If you have a dishwasher, remember to not press start until its completely full.


Ever thought about how much you fill up your kettle a day? It’s estimated that three-quarters of British households are in the habit of overfilling the kettle. By heating up just the right amount of water you need, you could knock off another £7 off your energy bill.

Oven door

There’s nothing like a bit of cooking to warm up the kitchen! When you’ve finished using the oven transfer that heat to the rest of the home by leaving the oven door open until it cools down.

Cheaper energy supplier

Your current energy supplier may not be the cheapest so maybe it’s time for a switch! It’s important to do your research first. Ensure that you read the fine print on your existing contract to find out if there’s a cancellation penalty.

Apply for energy-saving grants

Five of the big six energy suppliers (British Gas, EDF, E.On, Npower and SSE) offer grants for energy-saving improvements to British households, such as loft or cavity wall insulation or even a new boiler, although most of them only under certain criteria, such as being on Pension Credit or receiving certain benefits.

By following our top tips, you will be saving a lot of money on your annual energy bills!

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