Bonfire Night tips for renters

This year is fast moving, and as hard as it is to believe Bonfire Night is tomorrow!

Most of us will be heading to a local organised firework display to celebrate. However, if you’d prefer the option of having a gathering at home, there are some things to consider if you don’t own the property and plan to go all out with a bonfire in the garden.

The first thing to do is check your tenancy agreement.

You may find your agreement says you can't have a bonfire, if your tenancy prohibits any kind of naked flame on the premises, then you won’t be able have one. If it doesn’t specifically mention bonfires and you’re not sure, speak to your landlord before going ahead.

Make sure you stay safe! There are lot’s guides on personal safety and fireworks that you should check out.

But how do you keep your property safe? Have a good look at your garden and honestly ask yourself if it’s safe enough to light fires and fireworks.

If you have a very small garden, a badly placed wooden shed or overgrown hanging trees, it might not be the best place. If you have any doubts, don’t risk it. Safety should be a top priority and it’s probably better to go to a local event and know you won’t cause damage or injury or put your deposit or your tenancy at risk.

If you know your garden is safe and your neighbours are either happy with your plans or away, then you'll be all set.

If you’ve invited lots of people/children, you might want to think about protecting the inside of your home. You don’t want people trailing mud in or anyone to accidentally damage something.

Also, before lighting any fireworks, close all your doors and windows. You might smell the smoke in your home for a few days afterwards if you don’t close things up!

As we all know fireworks can also be very unpredictable, some minor external damage will be a lot less expensive to repair than a fire or explosion in the house.

If you want to be extra safe, you could look at insurance providers with Bonfire Night insurance. However, if you didn't want to go down that route, maybe keep some cash aside (hopefully you won’t need it) to fix any damage that might occur. You don’t want something to happen that impacts your deposit. Damage from the bonfire to a fence or the grass could cost you to put right, as will damage to the inside.

Remember, the property should be in the same condition it was when it was originally rented. If it’s not, your landlord may withhold all or some of your deposit.

We hope our tips will ensure you and your rented property are safe this Bonfire Night.

Of you need any general property advice, do please get in touch with us here.