Away this Christmas? These tips will protect your Surrey home from thieves

Christmas Day is nearly here! However, not all of us are planning to invite relatives over for a turkey dinner with all the trimmings! If you’re ditching the traditional Christmas and heading away on holiday, make sure you secure your Surrey home with these simple tips.

Over 80% of burglaries happen when homes are empty, you should try to make your home look occupied while you’re away, as this may deter thieves. When a home is occupied, lights will go on and off, vehicles come and go, the home just looks lived in.

You should think about asking a friend or neighbour to keep up appearances for you, so it looks like someone is home, you could even ask them to park on your drive or outside you home. You might even consider buying a timer switch for lights, these fit over existing light switches, without the need for wires or complicated installs, allowing lighting to be turned on and off on a timed basis.

Lock everything up, you are probably in holiday mode and could easily forget to lock a window or door, don’t make it easy for someone to break into your home. A garage is a common weak point, so securing your home should extend to cover your garage door as well. A security system is a big deterrent, not many burglars will enter a property if their every move is being caught on camera.

Make sure you put all your valuables away, don’t leave electronics, keys, or anything of value in sight is just too tempting for a burglar.

Lastly, don’t post about your holiday on social media. Wait until you’re back to share holidays snaps with your friends and family.

And of course, enjoy your Christmas holiday